Сушилки для полимеров

A  wide  variety  of  polymers  used    in  the production  requires   the  observance  of technological processing parameters. One of the important points is preliminary drying of raw materials, especially in case of application of hygroscopic marks of raw materials.  To hygroscopic  (able to absorb moisture inside the granule)  polymer grades include:

ABS, PA, PC, PET, PBT, PE (black pipe brands), PI, PMMA, POM, PPO, SAN

The Plastic Systems  dryer  range  allows  you  to select the  appropriate drying mode for any polymer in any performance range. Dryers Plastic Systems provide the minimum specific power consumption during  the  drying process. Company Plastic Systems is the exclusive global supplier of dryers for PET-systems for the production of PET preforms by Husky.

In the range of dryers Plastic Systems dryers of different classes:

HAD – dryers with hot air. Designed for drying non-hygroscopic polymers. For drying, heated ambient air is used.

DAC / TurboDAC – dryers with compressed air. Desiccant dryers for hygroscopic grades of raw materials. Optimum for small volumes of drying. Pre-dried air is used from the shop system of compressed air.

DW / DWC – desiccant rotary dryers for hygroscopic materials. As a desiccant element, rotary molecular sieves are used. A characteristic feature of this series is the high energy efficiency of drying. Automatic driers DWC maximally simplify the work of personnel, the operator needs to select only the brand of raw materials used, the dryer automatically selects the drying mode according to the actual amount of material used.

D – desiccant desiccants for hygroscopic materials. As a desiccant element used towers with molecular sieves. Allow to dry large volumes of raw materials. Used in multi-bunker systems for drying polymers.