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Modern technologies for the production of polymer products, such as injection molding, extrusion, extrusion or injection molding, thermoforming, are based on melting polymers, molding the product at high temperature and subsequent cooling. In all these industries, it is necessary to maintain a predetermined process temperature during product formation and heat removal during product cooling. Tasks for maintaining the set temperature of equipment and / or heat removal are solved using special equipment - chillers, temperature controllers, heat exchangers, pumping equipment and pipelines, control and monitoring systems. All this equipment can be separated into a separate cooling system of a manufacturing enterprise.

Our company IBC Systems specializes in the design, supply of equipment, installation and maintenance of cooling systems for industrial enterprises. Our specialization is cooling systems for enterprises, manufacturers of polymer products. For 12 years of operation in the Ukrainian market, IBC Systems has designed and supplied equipment for several dozen such cooling systems.

IBC Systems is the official representative and supplier of the Italian company BLAUWER. The BLAUWER product line includes highly efficient equipment for thermostating and cooling of technological processes:

chillers (water coolers), of the CHILLWER series, with air or water cooling of the condenser and cooling capacity from 5 to 1440 kW are distinguished by the use of the most advanced technologies in refrigeration technology, which ensures their maximum energy efficiency. BLAUWER industrial chillers have one of the highest conversion rates for electricity to refrigeration in the European and global refrigeration markets.

Dry coolers (dry coolers) of the DRYWER series are water-to-air heat exchangers used to remove heat through heat exchange with the atmosphere. BLAUWER dry coolers are distinguished by the use of highly efficient multi-layer heat exchangers and high-tech and energy-saving fans. The use of dry cooling towers in cooling systems allows achieving savings of up to 70% of the energy spent on cooling technological processes.

temperature regulators (thermostats) of the HYDROWER - series are designed to maintain the set temperature of the coolant / tool / material being processed. HYDROWER temperature controllers can maintain a temperature in the range of +20 ... +200 C when using water as a heat carrier and + 20 ... + 350 C when using oil as a heat carrier. A large list of additional functions, high accuracy of thermal control, and reliability of BLAUWER equipment allow our customers to achieve high quality products.

In addition, we supply in Ukraine other equipment for industrial water cooling systems, including pump groups, control systems, and centralized and energy-saving cooling systems.

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On the IBC Systems website in Ukraine, you can order cooling and temperature control systems for water at enterprises of various types and cooling capacities produced by BLAUWER from Italy. The main advantages of their purchase on our website:

  • original quality of equipment manufactured according to international standards, which is confirmed by relevant certificates. BLAUWER brand products are one of the best in the world market; they surpass similar products of competing brands in reliability and energy efficiency;
  • a wide range of refrigeration equipment, allowing you to choose the right solution for any process in which water cooling is required;
  • the best price for industrial water coolers in the Ukrainian market;
  • optimally fast delivery of equipment, its installation, commissioning and commissioning by certified specialists of our company;
  • providing an official manufacturer’s warranty for any system and equipment for a period of 2 years;
  • warranty and post-warranty service, customer personnel training in equipment maintenance and repair, supply of original components and spare parts.

We offer mutually beneficial cooperation to companies, enterprises and individual entrepreneurs manufacturing products from plastics and polymers. If you require modern industrial water cooling systems - contact us at the phone numbers or email address listed on the site!