Our company provides comprehensive solutions for Ukrainian producers of polymer products: storage, drying, dosing polymers; cooling and temperature control systems, industrial processing, conveyors and automation of internal logistics, waste recycling.

Transportation, distribution, drying and storage of polymer raw materials
Cooling and temperature control systems
Industrial robots and automation systems
Granulators and Shredders
Belt conveyors, separators, storage system

IBC SYSTEMS provides services

  • selection of equipment for the production of plastic products and the choice of its optimal configuration;
  • design of systems for centralized supply and storage of polymer granules;
  • design, supply and installation of enterprise cooling systems;
  •  automation of production processes using robots;
  • engineering for manufacturers of polymer products;
  • industrial refrigeration equipment service.

You can get high-quality products from leading manufacturers from us:

Plastic Systems

Italian manufacturer of equipment for storage, drying, feeding and dosing of polymer granules and powders. The Plastic Systems product line includes vacuum loaders, dye dispensers, dryers for plastics, mold zone dryers, silos and storage silos, centralized feeding and storage systems for polymers, comprehensive solutions for managing the internal logistics of a plastic processing enterprise. Plastic Systems is the exclusive supplier of dryers for PET and feed systems for the world leader in the manufacture of injection molding machines for the manufacture of PET preforms - Husky.